Our members enable us to support artists and engage our community with free visual arts exhibitions, events and supports our program for emerging talent.

Your membership will help us continue to make Omaha’s contemporary art scene vibrant.

Simply sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media for announcements.  Don't hesitate to reach out about how to get involved.


Members at this level receive announcements for every Darger HQ exhibition and an invitation to the Annual Party.


Supporters receive a discount on special partnered events at Darger HQ and all benefits above.  $100 pays for an artist or curator to participate in a public event. Your donation supports artists directly!


Patrons will receive a limited edition print by a Darger HQ artist and all benefits above.  $250 will give support to production of art, such as materials, travel costs, and preparator support. Donations make it possible to do the extraordinary!


Advocates receive a Flatlanders art book, an invitation to one private event with the artists, free tickets to special partnered events, and all benefits above.    $500 pays for an artist honorarium for presenting in a dual exhibition. Your donation supports exciting exhibitions, free for all!


Exhibition Sponsors are acknowledged as a Sponsor of Darger HQ online and in the gallery. Receive all benefits above.  $1000 pays for two artist honorariums for a collaborative exhibition. Your donation supports artists making a great cultural impact in our region!


You can donate any amount, which will be 100% tax deductible, toward Darger HQ’s general support and programming.


You can also support us by making Darger HQ your charity of choice at Amazon or iGive.  A percentage goes towards your non-profit of choice every time you shop.  If you want to volunteer or involve us in any capacity, just reach out!  


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