Kristina Estell

Duluth, MN, US

Daily encounters with natural and constructed environments around us generate ideas of implicit action and reaction. I am interested in the function of perception within the complex environments of organic nature, constructed spaces and physical experience. Manipulation, value, beauty and degradation are conceptual points that my work develops around in response to particular physical materials and spaces. Using a variety of sculptural, installation, and painting techniques, my work relies on the discovery of a distinct quality in a raw material, the characteristics of a particular location, a found object, or a physical gesture…the sealing liquidity of rubber, the function of designed space, the remains of fallen leaves, throwing a stone, etc. These varied resources are at once anonymous and full of unique potential for identity. It is my challenge to capture and compound a thoughtful experience that reflects the intricate conditions that surround us and direct these qualities to connect with a set of unexpected, compelling possibilities.